class open3d.visualization.rendering.View#

Low-level view class

class ShadowType#

Available shadow mapping algorithm options




PCF = <ShadowType.PCF: 0>#
VSM = <ShadowType.VSM: 1>#
property value#
__init__(*args, **kwargs)#
get_camera(self: open3d.cpu.pybind.visualization.rendering.View) open3d.cpu.pybind.visualization.rendering.Camera#

Returns the Camera associated with this View.

set_ambient_occlusion(self: open3d.cpu.pybind.visualization.rendering.View, enabled: bool, ssct_enabled: bool = False) None#

True to enable, False to disable ambient occlusion. Optionally, screen-space cone tracing may be enabled with ssct_enabled=True.

set_antialiasing(self: open3d.cpu.pybind.visualization.rendering.View, enabled: bool, temporal: bool = False) None#

True to enable, False to disable anti-aliasing. Note that this only impacts anti-aliasing post-processing. MSAA is controlled separately by set_sample_count. Temporal anti-aliasing may be optionally enabled with temporal=True.

set_color_grading(self: open3d.cpu.pybind.visualization.rendering.View, arg0: open3d.cpu.pybind.visualization.rendering.ColorGrading) None#

Sets the parameters to be used for the color grading algorithms

set_post_processing(self: open3d.cpu.pybind.visualization.rendering.View, arg0: bool) None#

True to enable, False to disable post processing. Post processing effects include: color grading, ambient occlusion (and other screen space effects), and anti-aliasing.

set_sample_count(self: open3d.cpu.pybind.visualization.rendering.View, arg0: int) None#

Sets the sample count for MSAA. Set to 1 to disable MSAA. Typical values are 2, 4 or 8. The maximum possible value depends on the underlying GPU and OpenGL driver.

set_shadowing(self: open3d.cpu.pybind.visualization.rendering.View, enabled: bool, type: open3d.cpu.pybind.visualization.rendering.View.ShadowType = <ShadowType.PCF: 0>) None#

True to enable, false to enable all shadow mapping when rendering this View. When enabling shadow mapping you may also specify one of two shadow mapping algorithms: PCF (default) or VSM. Note: shadowing is enabled by default with PCF shadow mapping.