class open3d.pipelines.registration.CorrespondenceCheckerBasedOnDistance#

Class to check if aligned point clouds are close (less than specified threshold).

Check(self, source, target, corres, transformation)#

Function to check if two points can be aligned. The two input point clouds must have exact the same number of points.



__init__(*args, **kwargs)#

Overloaded function.

  1. __init__(self: open3d.cpu.pybind.pipelines.registration.CorrespondenceCheckerBasedOnDistance, arg0: open3d.cpu.pybind.pipelines.registration.CorrespondenceCheckerBasedOnDistance) -> None

Copy constructor

  1. __init__(self: open3d.cpu.pybind.pipelines.registration.CorrespondenceCheckerBasedOnDistance, distance_threshold: float) -> None

property distance_threshold#

Distance threshold for the check.

property require_pointcloud_alignment_#

Some checkers do not require point clouds to be aligned, e.g., the edge length checker. Some checkers do, e.g., the distance checker.