Data class for SampleFountainRGBDImages contains a sample set of 33 color and depth images from the Fountain RGBD dataset. It also contains camera poses at keyframes log and mesh reconstruction. It is used in demo of Color Map Optimization.

__init__(self:, data_root: str = '') None#
property color_paths#

List of paths to color image samples of size 33. Use color_paths[0], color_paths[1]color_paths[32] to access the paths.

property data_root#

Get data root directory. The data root is set at construction time or automatically determined.

property depth_paths#

List of paths to depth image samples of size 33. Use depth_paths[0], depth_paths[1]depth_paths[32] to access the paths.

property download_dir#

Get absolute path to download directory. i.e. ${data_root}/${download_prefix}/${prefix}

property extract_dir#

Get absolute path to extract directory. i.e. ${data_root}/${extract_prefix}/${prefix}

property keyframe_poses_log_path#

Path to camera poses at key frames log file key.log.

property prefix#

Get prefix for the dataset.

property reconstruction_path#

Path to mesh reconstruction.