class ICL-NUIM Dataset)#

Data class for RedwoodIndoorLivingRoom1, containing dense point cloud, rgb sequence, clean depth sequence, noisy depth sequence, oni sequence, and ground-truth camera trajectory.

|-- colors
|   |-- 00000.jpg
|   |-- 00001.jpg
|   |-- ...
|   '-- 02869.jpg
|-- depth
|   |-- 00000.png
|   |-- 00001.png
|   |-- ...
|   '-- 02869.png
|-- depth_noisy
|   |-- 00000.png
|   |-- 00001.png
|   |-- ...
|   '-- 02869.png
|-- dist-model.txt
|-- livingroom1.oni
|-- livingroom1-traj.txt
'-- livingroom.ply
__init__(self:, data_root: str = '') None#
property color_paths#

List of paths to color images.

property data_root#

Get data root directory. The data root is set at construction time or automatically determined.

property depth_paths#

List of paths to depth images.

property download_dir#

Get absolute path to download directory. i.e. ${data_root}/${download_prefix}/${prefix}

property extract_dir#

Get absolute path to extract directory. i.e. ${data_root}/${extract_prefix}/${prefix}

property noise_model_path#

Path to the noise model file.

property noisy_depth_paths#

List of paths to noisy depth images.

property oni_path#

Path to the oni file.

property point_cloud_path#

Path to the point cloud.

property prefix#

Get prefix for the dataset.

property trajectory_path#

Path to the trajectory file.