os.PathLike, enable_post_processing: bool = False, print_progress: bool = False) open3d.cpu.pybind.t.geometry.TriangleMesh#

The general entrance for reading a TriangleMesh from a file. The function calls read functions based on the extension name of filename. Supported formats are obj, ply, stl, off, gltf, glb, fbx.

The following example reads a triangle mesh with the .ply extension::

import open3d as o3d mesh =‘mesh.ply’)

  • filename (str) – Path to the mesh file.

  • enable_post_processing (bool) –

    If True enables post-processing. Post-processing will

    • triangulate meshes with polygonal faces

    • remove redundant materials

    • pretransform vertices

    • generate face normals if needed

    For more information see ASSIMPs documentation on the flags aiProcessPreset_TargetRealtime_Fast, aiProcess_RemoveRedundantMaterials, aiProcess_OptimizeMeshes, aiProcess_PreTransformVertices.

    Note that identical vertices will always be joined regardless of whether post-processing is enabled or not, which changes the number of vertices in the mesh.

    The ply-format is not affected by the post-processing.

  • print_progress (bool) – If True print the reading progress to the terminal.


Returns the mesh object. On failure an empty mesh is returned.