open3d.t.pipelines.registration.compute_fpfh_feature(input, max_nn=100, radius=None)#

Function to compute FPFH feature for a point cloud. It uses KNN search (Not recommended to use on GPU) if only max_nn parameter is provided, Radius search (Not recommended to use on GPU) if only radius parameter is provided, and Hybrid search (Recommended) if both are provided.

  • input (open3d.t.geometry.PointCloud) – The input point cloud with data type float32 or float64.

  • max_nn (Optional[int], optional, default=100) – [optional] Neighbor search max neighbors parameter.[Default = 100]

  • radius (Optional[float], optional, default=None) – [optional] Neighbor search radius parameter. [Recommended ~5x voxel size]