class open3d.pipelines.odometry.OdometryOption#

Class that defines Odometry options.

__init__(self: open3d.cpu.pybind.pipelines.odometry.OdometryOption, iteration_number_per_pyramid_level: open3d.cpu.pybind.utility.IntVector = IntVector[20, 10, 5], depth_diff_max: float = 0.03, depth_min: float = 0.0, depth_max: float = 4.0) None#
property depth_diff_max#

Maximum depth difference to be considered as correspondence. In depth image domain, if two aligned pixels have a depth difference less than specified value, they are considered as a correspondence. Larger value induce more aggressive search, but it is prone to unstable result.

property depth_max#

Pixels that has larger than specified depth values are ignored.

property depth_min#

Pixels that has smaller than specified depth values are ignored.

property iteration_number_per_pyramid_level#

Iteration number per image pyramid level, typically larger image in the pyramid have lower iteration number to reduce computation time.