class open3d.visualization.Material

Properties (texture maps, scalar and vector) related to visualization. Materials are optionally set for 3D geometries such as TriangleMesh, LineSets, and PointClouds

__init__(*args, **kwargs)

Overloaded function.

  1. __init__(self: open3d.cpu.pybind.visualization.Material) -> None

  2. __init__(self: open3d.cpu.pybind.visualization.Material, arg0: open3d.cpu.pybind.visualization.Material) -> None

  3. __init__(self: open3d.cpu.pybind.visualization.Material, arg0: str) -> None

is_valid(self: open3d.cpu.pybind.visualization.Material) → bool

Returns false if material is an empty material

set_default_properties(self: open3d.cpu.pybind.visualization.Material) → None

Fills material with defaults for common PBR material properties used by Open3D

property material_name
property scalar_properties
property texture_maps
property vector_properties