open3d.visualization.draw_geometries(geometry_list, window_name='Open3D', width=1920, height=1080, left=50, top=50, point_show_normal=False, mesh_show_wireframe=False, mesh_show_back_face=False)

Function to draw a list of geometry.Geometry objects

  • geometry_list (List[open3d.geometry.Geometry]) – List of geometries to be visualized.

  • window_name (str, optional, default='Open3D') – The displayed title of the visualization window.

  • width (int, optional, default=1920) – The width of the visualization window.

  • height (int, optional, default=1080) – The height of the visualization window.

  • left (int, optional, default=50) – The left margin of the visualization window.

  • top (int, optional, default=50) – The top margin of the visualization window.

  • point_show_normal (bool, optional, default=False) – Visualize point normals if set to true.

  • mesh_show_wireframe (bool, optional, default=False) – Visualize mesh wireframe if set to true.

  • mesh_show_back_face (bool, optional, default=False) – Visualize also the back face of the mesh triangles.