Data class for BedroomRGBDImages contains a sample set of 21931 color and depth images from Redwood Bedroom RGBD dataset. Additionally it also contains camera trajectory log, and mesh reconstruction.

__init__(self:, data_root: str = '') → None
property color_paths

List of paths to color image samples of size 21931. Use color_paths[0], color_paths[1]color_paths[21930] to access the paths.

property data_root

Get data root directory. The data root is set at construction time or automatically determined.

property depth_paths

List of paths to depth image samples of size 21931. Use depth_paths[0], depth_paths[1]depth_paths[21930] to access the paths.

property download_dir

Get absolute path to download directory. i.e. ${data_root}/${download_prefix}/${prefix}

property extract_dir

Get absolute path to extract directory. i.e. ${data_root}/${extract_prefix}/${prefix}

property prefix

Get prefix for the dataset.

property reconstruction_path

Path to mesh reconstruction.

property trajectory_log_path

Path to camera trajectory log file trajectory.log.