Data class for FlightHelmetModel contains a flight helmet GLTF model file, along with material and various other texture files. The model file can be accessed using path, however in order to access the paths to the texture files one may use path_map[“filename”]` method.

__init__(self:, data_root: str = '') → None
property data_root

Get data root directory. The data root is set at construction time or automatically determined.

property download_dir

Get absolute path to download directory. i.e. ${data_root}/${download_prefix}/${prefix}

property extract_dir

Get absolute path to extract directory. i.e. ${data_root}/${extract_prefix}/${prefix}

property path

Returns the FlightHelmet.gltf model file.

property path_map

Returns the map of filename to path. Refer documentation page for available options.

property prefix

Get prefix for the dataset.