read_feature(filename) Function to read registration.Feature from file
read_image(filename) Function to read Image from file
read_line_set(filename[, format]) Function to read LineSet from file
read_pinhole_camera_intrinsic(filename) Function to read PinholeCameraIntrinsic from file
read_pinhole_camera_parameters(filename) Function to read PinholeCameraParameters from file
read_pinhole_camera_trajectory(filename) Function to read PinholeCameraTrajectory from file
read_point_cloud(filename[, format]) Function to read PointCloud from file
read_pose_graph(filename) Function to read PoseGraph from file
read_triangle_mesh(filename) Function to read TriangleMesh from file
read_voxel_grid(filename[, format]) Function to read VoxelGrid from file
write_feature(filename, feature) Function to write Feature to file
write_image(filename, image[, quality]) Function to write Image to file
write_line_set(filename, line_set[, …]) Function to write LineSet to file
write_pinhole_camera_intrinsic(filename, …) Function to write PinholeCameraIntrinsic to file
write_pinhole_camera_parameters(filename, …) Function to write PinholeCameraParameters to file
write_pinhole_camera_trajectory(filename, …) Function to write PinholeCameraTrajectory to file
write_point_cloud(filename, pointcloud[, …]) Function to write PointCloud to file
write_pose_graph(filename, pose_graph) Function to write PoseGraph to file
write_triangle_mesh(filename, mesh[, …]) Function to write TriangleMesh to file
write_voxel_grid(filename, voxel_grid[, …]) Function to write VoxelGrid to file