FilterScope Members:
Geometry The base geometry class.
Geometry2D The base geometry class for 2D geometries.
Geometry3D The base geometry class for 3D geometries.
HalfEdge HalfEdge class contains vertex, triangle info about a half edge, as well as relations of next and twin half edge.
HalfEdgeTriangleMesh HalfEdgeTriangleMesh inherits TriangleMesh class with the addition of HalfEdge data structure for each half edge in the mesh as well as related functions.
Image The image class stores image with customizable width, height, num of channels and bytes per channel.
ImageFilterType Enum class for Image filter types.
KDTreeFlann KDTree with FLANN for nearest neighbor search.
KDTreeSearchParam Base class for KDTree search parameters.
KDTreeSearchParamHybrid KDTree search parameters for hybrid KNN and radius search.
KDTreeSearchParamKNN KDTree search parameters for pure KNN search.
KDTreeSearchParamRadius KDTree search parameters for pure radius search.
LineSet LineSet define a sets of lines in 3D.
Octree Octree datastructure.
OctreeColorLeafNode OctreeColorLeafNode class is an OctreeLeafNode containing color.
OctreeInternalNode OctreeInternalNode class, conataining OctreeNode children.
OctreeLeafNode OctreeLeafNode base class.
OctreeNode The base class for octree node.
OctreeNodeInfo OctreeNode’s information.
PointCloud PointCloud class.
RGBDImage RGBDImage is for a pair of registered color and depth images, viewed from the same view, of the same resolution.
RotationType Members:
SimplificationContraction Members:
TriangleMesh TriangleMesh class.
Voxel Base Voxel class, containing grid id and color
VoxelGrid VoxelGrid is a collection of voxels which are aligned in grid.