It is here: Open3D 0.7.0!

Open3D Version 0.7.0 (released 2019-06-05)

The Open3D team and the Open Source Vision Foundation are proud to present the 0.7.0 release of the Open3D library.

This release is focused on extending the functionality of Open3D data types such as Octree, VoxelGrid, and Mesh. Among the main novelties we would like to highlight:

  • New generic Octree data type with arbitrary leaves
  • Upgraded VectorGrid data type
  • Conversion functionalities from Point Cloud to VectorGrid and Octree
  • Upgraded Mesh data type
  • Visualization support for Octree and VectorGrid
  • New sampling methods for Triangle mesh
  • New Mesh filter functionalities: Sharpen, Smooth, Taubin
  • Upgraded TSDFVolume generation

We also tackled a set of issues brought up by the community, including support of finer control over the geometry of the Visualizer. Now it is possible to add and remove geometries dynamically!

Please, have a look at our documentation (Open3D docs) to see all the details, and send us feedback at You can also join our Discord network to participate in the development discussions.

Full list of changes below.


The Open3D team


  • [Added]: Used to indicate the addition of new features
  • [Changed]: Updates of existing functionalities
  • [Deprecated]: Functionalities / features removed in future releases
  • [Removed]: Functionalities/features removed in this release
  • [Fixed]: For any bug fixes
  • [Breaking] This functionality breaks the previous API and you need to check your code

Installation and project structure

  • [Added] Googletest as a submodule #981
  • [Changed] Standardize headers #902
  • [Changed] Remove dummy semicolon after empty functions #908
  • [Changed]  appveyor build badge to master branch #925
  • [Changed] Avoid import star (from open3d import *) #982
  • [Changed] Open3D-3rdparty repository into the main repository #967
  • [Removed] Duplicated sort includes #930
  • [Fixed] Eigen::floor compiler error issue #935 #952
  • [Fixed] Build docs on make -j #960

CORE features and applications

  • [Added] Support for Octree, OctreeNode, OctreeLeafNode, and OctreeNodeInfo #903 #946 #959
  • [Added] Octree python bindings #947
  • [Added] Visualizer remove geometry #904
  • [Added] Uniform point sampling from triangle mesh #907
  • [Added] Octree I/O support for json #911
  • [Added] Octree to VoxelGrid conversion #914
  • [Added] Voxel grid to octree #983
  • [Added] Remove non-manifold edges from triangle mesh #985
  • [Added] CuboidShader for rendering VoxelGrid and Octree in OpenGL3.1+ #918
  • [Added] Octree visualization support and refactor cuboid shader #924
  • [Added] Mesh filtering functionalities (Sharpen, Smooth, Laplacian, Taubin) #926
  • [Added] Method to check if TriangleMesh is watertight #929
  • [Added] Mesh Simplification method #945
  • [Added] Loop Subdivision method #954
  • [Added] Poisson Disk Sampling of TriangleMesh #955
  • [Added] Basic Transformation Methods (Translate, Scale, Rotate) to Geometry3D #956
  • [Added] Functionality to compute convex hulls from TriangleMesh and PointCloud #965
  • [Added] Extension of mesh properties to check if a triangle mesh is orientable,  #977
  • [Added] TUM trajectory format #953 [Thanks martinruenz]
  • [Added] Center parameter to rotate method #994
  • [Changed] Refactor UniformTSDFVolume to use VoxelGrid #971
  • [Changed] Small AttributeError problem in #987 [Thanks #janfelixklein]
  • [Breaking]  Update of VoxelGrid data type #933

Documentation, tutorials, and examples

  • [Fixed] Point cloud dist function docs #899
  • [Fixed] doc string of PinholeCameraTrajectory #923
  • [Fixed] misc fixes for reconstruction docs #997
  • [Changed] Improve doc for TriangleMesh, LineSet and PointCloud #980
  • [Changed] Docs update on unit test and python style #989