Getting assistance from the Open3D team

There are different ways to get in touch with the Open3D team, depending on the specific type of issue.

- You have doubts about how to use a certain feature of Open3D

This is one of the most common situations. You are trying certain features or algorithms with your own data and the results look off.

The right place for you is the Open3D forum.

First look for existing answers in the forum. In case you can't find a satisfactory answer feel free to open a new thread. Sometimes it takes us a few days to reply.

- You want to report a bug/something is off

We are humans and from time to time we make mistakes. If one of the features is not working we will be happy to fix it as soon as we have some bandwidth.

The right thing to do in this situation is to open a new issue in GitHub and tag it as a bug.

- You want to request a new functionality

We love to hear from the community what new exciting algorithms should become part of Open3D. If you have a request for a new algorithm or feature the way to proceed is to create an issue in GitHub and tag it as a feature request.

The Open3D team will try to bring as many new features per release as possible. However, we very selective we the features we include in Open3D. For a feature to be added it needs to fullfil the following requirements:

  • It needs to be a Tier-1 algorithm. A well-known and highly used by the community. We are not targeting to have all the possible variations of an algorithm. Instead, we are trying to have the most representative ones, i.e., those that have survive the test of time.
  • It needs to be as self-contained as possible. We try to keep Open3D as compact as possible, with a minimum number of dependencies. If the new feature requires the addition of large libraries we would need to think very carefully if it is worth the tradeoff.
  • It needs to have a permisive license (BSD, MIT, etc.). If a feature requires proprietary code with a non-permissive license we will not add it to Open3D.

We would like to invite you to consider to contribute new features to Open3D yourself. We will be happy to guide you and give you support in the process.

- You want to have a technical discussion with the developers

If you are developing a new feature for Open3D and want to have the input of existing developers, then Discord is the right place.

Join us in our Discord network to have a live discussion about possible pros and cons of your algorithm.

- You want to chat with other members of the Open3D community

Just looking to talk to other 3D entusiast? Then Discord is your place.