Open3D (C++ API)  0.18.0+90810a3
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open3d::visualization::visualizer::O3DVisualizerSelections::SelectedIndex Struct Reference

#include <O3DVisualizerSelections.h>

Public Member Functions

bool operator!= (const SelectedIndex &rhs) const
 the point in R^3 (for convenience) More...
bool operator< (const SelectedIndex &rhs) const

Data Fields

size_t index
size_t order
 the index of the point within the object More...
Eigen::Vector3d point

Member Function Documentation

◆ operator!=()

bool open3d::visualization::visualizer::O3DVisualizerSelections::SelectedIndex::operator!= ( const SelectedIndex rhs) const

the point in R^3 (for convenience)

◆ operator<()

bool open3d::visualization::visualizer::O3DVisualizerSelections::SelectedIndex::operator< ( const SelectedIndex rhs) const

Field Documentation

◆ index

size_t open3d::visualization::visualizer::O3DVisualizerSelections::SelectedIndex::index

◆ order

size_t open3d::visualization::visualizer::O3DVisualizerSelections::SelectedIndex::order

the index of the point within the object

◆ point

Eigen::Vector3d open3d::visualization::visualizer::O3DVisualizerSelections::SelectedIndex::point

A monotonically increasing number indicating the relative order of when the index was selected

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