Open3D (C++ API)  0.18.0+5c982c7
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open3d::t::geometry Namespace Reference



Data Structures

class  AxisAlignedBoundingBox
 A bounding box that is aligned along the coordinate axes and defined by the min_bound and max_bound. More...
class  OrientedBoundingBox
 A bounding box oriented along an arbitrary frame of reference. More...
class  DrawableGeometry
 Mix-in class for geometry types that can be visualized. More...
class  Geometry
 The base geometry class. More...
class  Image
 The Image class stores image with customizable rows, cols, channels, dtype and device. More...
class  LineSet
 A LineSet contains points and lines joining them and optionally attributes on the points and lines. More...
class  PointCloud
 A point cloud contains a list of 3D points. More...
class  RaycastingScene
 A scene class with basic ray casting and closest point queries. More...
class  RGBDImage
 RGBDImage A pair of color and depth images. More...
class  TensorMap
class  TriangleMesh
 A triangle mesh contains vertices and triangles. More...
class  VoxelBlockGrid


using dtype_channels_pairs = std::vector< std::pair< core::Dtype, int64_t > >


void CheckDepthTensor (const core::Tensor &depth)
void CheckColorTensor (const core::Tensor &color)
void CheckIntrinsicTensor (const core::Tensor &intrinsic)
void CheckExtrinsicTensor (const core::Tensor &extrinsic)
void CheckBlockCoorinates (const core::Tensor &block_coords)
core::Tensor InverseTransformation (const core::Tensor &T)
 TODO(wei): find a proper place for such functionalities. More...

Typedef Documentation

◆ dtype_channels_pairs

using open3d::t::geometry::dtype_channels_pairs = typedef std::vector<std::pair<core::Dtype, int64_t> >

Function Documentation

◆ CheckBlockCoorinates()

void open3d::t::geometry::CheckBlockCoorinates ( const core::Tensor block_coords)

◆ CheckColorTensor()

void open3d::t::geometry::CheckColorTensor ( const core::Tensor color)

◆ CheckDepthTensor()

void open3d::t::geometry::CheckDepthTensor ( const core::Tensor depth)

◆ CheckExtrinsicTensor()

void open3d::t::geometry::CheckExtrinsicTensor ( const core::Tensor extrinsic)

◆ CheckIntrinsicTensor()

void open3d::t::geometry::CheckIntrinsicTensor ( const core::Tensor intrinsic)

◆ InverseTransformation()

core::Tensor open3d::t::geometry::InverseTransformation ( const core::Tensor T)

TODO(wei): find a proper place for such functionalities.