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open3d::visualization::ColorMapJet Class Referencefinal

See Matlab's Jet colormap. More...

#include <ColorMap.h>

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Public Member Functions

Eigen::Vector3d GetColor (double value) const final
 Function to get a color from a value in [0..1]. More...
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 ColorMap ()
virtual ~ColorMap ()

Protected Member Functions

double JetBase (double value) const
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double Interpolate (double value, double y0, double x0, double y1, double x1) const
Eigen::Vector3d Interpolate (double value, const Eigen::Vector3d &y0, double x0, const Eigen::Vector3d &y1, double x1) const

Additional Inherited Members

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enum class  ColorMapOption {
  Gray = 0 , Jet = 1 , Summer = 2 , Winter = 3 ,
  Hot = 4

Detailed Description

See Matlab's Jet colormap.

Member Function Documentation

◆ GetColor()

Eigen::Vector3d open3d::visualization::ColorMapJet::GetColor ( double  value) const

Function to get a color from a value in [0..1].

Implements open3d::visualization::ColorMap.

◆ JetBase()

double open3d::visualization::ColorMapJet::JetBase ( double  value) const

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