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open3d::pipelines::registration::PoseGraphEdge Class Reference

Edge of PoseGraph. More...

#include <PoseGraph.h>

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Public Member Functions

 PoseGraphEdge (int source_node_id=-1, int target_node_id=-1, const Eigen::Matrix4d &transformation=Eigen::Matrix4d::Identity(), const Eigen::Matrix6d &information=Eigen::Matrix6d::Identity(), bool uncertain=false, double confidence=1.0)
 Parameterized Constructor. More...
 ~PoseGraphEdge ()
bool ConvertToJsonValue (Json::Value &value) const override
bool ConvertFromJsonValue (const Json::Value &value) override
- Public Member Functions inherited from open3d::utility::IJsonConvertible
virtual ~IJsonConvertible ()
virtual std::string ToString () const
 Convert to a styled string representation of JSON data for display. More...

Data Fields

int source_node_id_
 Source PoseGraphNode id. More...
int target_node_id_
 Target PoseGraphNode id. More...
Eigen::Matrix4d_u transformation_
 Transformation matrix. More...
Eigen::Matrix6d_u information_
 Information matrix. More...
bool uncertain_
 Whether the edge is uncertain. More...
double confidence_
 Confidence value of the edge. More...

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from open3d::utility::IJsonConvertible
static bool EigenVector3dFromJsonArray (Eigen::Vector3d &vec, const Json::Value &value)
static bool EigenVector3dToJsonArray (const Eigen::Vector3d &vec, Json::Value &value)
static bool EigenVector4dFromJsonArray (Eigen::Vector4d &vec, const Json::Value &value)
static bool EigenVector4dToJsonArray (const Eigen::Vector4d &vec, Json::Value &value)
static bool EigenMatrix3dFromJsonArray (Eigen::Matrix3d &mat, const Json::Value &value)
static bool EigenMatrix3dToJsonArray (const Eigen::Matrix3d &mat, Json::Value &value)
static bool EigenMatrix4dFromJsonArray (Eigen::Matrix4d &mat, const Json::Value &value)
static bool EigenMatrix4dToJsonArray (const Eigen::Matrix4d &mat, Json::Value &value)
static bool EigenMatrix4dFromJsonArray (Eigen::Matrix4d_u &mat, const Json::Value &value)
static bool EigenMatrix4dToJsonArray (const Eigen::Matrix4d_u &mat, Json::Value &value)
static bool EigenMatrix6dFromJsonArray (Eigen::Matrix6d &mat, const Json::Value &value)
static bool EigenMatrix6dToJsonArray (const Eigen::Matrix6d &mat, Json::Value &value)
static bool EigenMatrix6dFromJsonArray (Eigen::Matrix6d_u &mat, const Json::Value &value)
static bool EigenMatrix6dToJsonArray (const Eigen::Matrix6d_u &mat, Json::Value &value)

Detailed Description

Edge of PoseGraph.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ PoseGraphEdge()

open3d::pipelines::registration::PoseGraphEdge::PoseGraphEdge ( int  source_node_id = -1,
int  target_node_id = -1,
const Eigen::Matrix4d &  transformation = Eigen::Matrix4d::Identity(),
const Eigen::Matrix6d &  information = Eigen::Matrix6d::Identity(),
bool  uncertain = false,
double  confidence = 1.0 

Parameterized Constructor.

source_node_idSource PoseGraphNode id.
target_node_idTarget PoseGraphNode id.
transformationTransformation matrix.
informationInformation matrix.
uncertainWhether the edge is uncertain.
confidenceConfidence value of the edge.

◆ ~PoseGraphEdge()

open3d::pipelines::registration::PoseGraphEdge::~PoseGraphEdge ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ ConvertFromJsonValue()

bool open3d::pipelines::registration::PoseGraphEdge::ConvertFromJsonValue ( const Json::Value &  value)

◆ ConvertToJsonValue()

bool open3d::pipelines::registration::PoseGraphEdge::ConvertToJsonValue ( Json::Value &  value) const

Field Documentation

◆ confidence_

double open3d::pipelines::registration::PoseGraphEdge::confidence_

Confidence value of the edge.

if uncertain_ is true, it has confidence bounded in [0,1]. 1 means reliable, and 0 means unreliable edge. This correspondence to line process value in [Choi et al 2015] See core/registration/globaloptimization.h for more details.

◆ information_

Eigen::Matrix6d_u open3d::pipelines::registration::PoseGraphEdge::information_

Information matrix.

◆ source_node_id_

int open3d::pipelines::registration::PoseGraphEdge::source_node_id_

Source PoseGraphNode id.

◆ target_node_id_

int open3d::pipelines::registration::PoseGraphEdge::target_node_id_

Target PoseGraphNode id.

◆ transformation_

Eigen::Matrix4d_u open3d::pipelines::registration::PoseGraphEdge::transformation_

Transformation matrix.

◆ uncertain_

bool open3d::pipelines::registration::PoseGraphEdge::uncertain_

Whether the edge is uncertain.

Odometry edge has uncertain == false loop closure edges has uncertain == true

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