Open3D (C++ API)  0.18.0+5c982c7
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open3d::geometry::OctreeNodeInfo Class Reference

OctreeNode's information. More...

#include <Octree.h>

Public Member Functions

 OctreeNodeInfo ()
 Default Constructor. More...
 OctreeNodeInfo (const Eigen::Vector3d &origin, const double &size, const size_t &depth, const size_t &child_index)
 Parameterized Constructor. More...
 ~OctreeNodeInfo ()

Data Fields

Eigen::Vector3d origin_
 Origin coordinate of the node. More...
double size_
 Size of the node. More...
size_t depth_
 Depth of the node to the root. The root is of depth 0. More...
size_t child_index_

Detailed Description

OctreeNode's information.

OctreeNodeInfo is computed on the fly, not stored with the Node.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ OctreeNodeInfo() [1/2]

open3d::geometry::OctreeNodeInfo::OctreeNodeInfo ( )

Default Constructor.

Initializes all values as 0.

◆ OctreeNodeInfo() [2/2]

open3d::geometry::OctreeNodeInfo::OctreeNodeInfo ( const Eigen::Vector3d &  origin,
const double &  size,
const size_t &  depth,
const size_t &  child_index 

Parameterized Constructor.

originOrigin coordinate of the node
sizeSize of the node.
depthDepth of the node to the root. The root is of depth 0.
child_indexNode’s child index of itself.

◆ ~OctreeNodeInfo()

open3d::geometry::OctreeNodeInfo::~OctreeNodeInfo ( )

Field Documentation

◆ child_index_

size_t open3d::geometry::OctreeNodeInfo::child_index_

Node’s child index of itself. For non-root nodes, child_index is 0~7; root node’s child_index is -1.

◆ depth_

size_t open3d::geometry::OctreeNodeInfo::depth_

Depth of the node to the root. The root is of depth 0.

◆ origin_

Eigen::Vector3d open3d::geometry::OctreeNodeInfo::origin_

Origin coordinate of the node.

◆ size_

double open3d::geometry::OctreeNodeInfo::size_

Size of the node.

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