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open3d::t::io::RSBagReader Class Reference

#include <RSBagReader.h>

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Public Member Functions

 RSBagReader (size_t buffer_size=DEFAULT_BUFFER_SIZE)
 RSBagReader (const RSBagReader &)=delete
RSBagReaderoperator= (const RSBagReader &)=delete
virtual ~RSBagReader ()
virtual bool IsOpened () const override
 Check If the RSBag file is opened. More...
virtual bool IsEOF () const override
 Check if the RSBag file is all read. More...
virtual bool Open (const std::string &filename) override
virtual void Close () override
 Close the opened RSBag playback. More...
virtual const RGBDVideoMetadataGetMetadata () const override
 Get (read-only) metadata of the playback. More...
virtual RGBDVideoMetadataGetMetadata () override
 Get reference to the metadata of the RGBD video playback. More...
virtual bool SeekTimestamp (uint64_t timestamp) override
virtual uint64_t GetTimestamp () const override
 Get current timestamp (in us). More...
virtual t::geometry::RGBDImage NextFrame () override
 Copy next frame from the bag file and return the RGBDImage object. More...
virtual std::string GetFilename () const override
 Return filename being read. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from open3d::t::io::RGBDVideoReader
 RGBDVideoReader ()
virtual ~RGBDVideoReader ()
virtual void SaveFrames (const std::string &frame_path, uint64_t start_time_us=0, uint64_t end_time_us=UINT64_MAX)
virtual std::string ToString () const
 Text description. More...

Static Public Attributes

static const size_t DEFAULT_BUFFER_SIZE = 32

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from open3d::t::io::RGBDVideoReader
static std::unique_ptr< RGBDVideoReaderCreate (const std::string &filename)
 Factory function to create object based on RGBD video file type. More...

Detailed Description

RealSense Bag file reader.

Only the first color and depth streams from the bag file will be read.

Note: A few frames may be dropped if user code takes a long time (>10 frame intervals) to process a frame.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ RSBagReader() [1/2]

open3d::t::io::RSBagReader::RSBagReader ( size_t  buffer_size = DEFAULT_BUFFER_SIZE)


buffer_size(optional) Max number of frames to store in the frame buffer

◆ RSBagReader() [2/2]

open3d::t::io::RSBagReader::RSBagReader ( const RSBagReader )

◆ ~RSBagReader()

open3d::t::io::RSBagReader::~RSBagReader ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ Close()

void open3d::t::io::RSBagReader::Close ( )

Close the opened RSBag playback.

Implements open3d::t::io::RGBDVideoReader.

◆ GetFilename()

virtual std::string open3d::t::io::RSBagReader::GetFilename ( ) const

Return filename being read.

Implements open3d::t::io::RGBDVideoReader.

◆ GetMetadata() [1/2]

virtual const RGBDVideoMetadata& open3d::t::io::RSBagReader::GetMetadata ( ) const

Get (read-only) metadata of the playback.

Implements open3d::t::io::RGBDVideoReader.

◆ GetMetadata() [2/2]

virtual RGBDVideoMetadata& open3d::t::io::RSBagReader::GetMetadata ( )

Get reference to the metadata of the RGBD video playback.

Implements open3d::t::io::RGBDVideoReader.

◆ GetTimestamp()

uint64_t open3d::t::io::RSBagReader::GetTimestamp ( ) const

Get current timestamp (in us).

Implements open3d::t::io::RGBDVideoReader.

◆ IsEOF()

bool open3d::t::io::RSBagReader::IsEOF ( ) const

Check if the RSBag file is all read.

Implements open3d::t::io::RGBDVideoReader.

◆ IsOpened()

virtual bool open3d::t::io::RSBagReader::IsOpened ( ) const

Check If the RSBag file is opened.

Implements open3d::t::io::RGBDVideoReader.

◆ NextFrame()

t::geometry::RGBDImage open3d::t::io::RSBagReader::NextFrame ( )

Copy next frame from the bag file and return the RGBDImage object.

Implements open3d::t::io::RGBDVideoReader.

◆ Open()

bool open3d::t::io::RSBagReader::Open ( const std::string &  filename)

Open an RGBD Video playback.

filenamePath to the RSBag file.

Implements open3d::t::io::RGBDVideoReader.

◆ operator=()

RSBagReader& open3d::t::io::RSBagReader::operator= ( const RSBagReader )

◆ SeekTimestamp()

bool open3d::t::io::RSBagReader::SeekTimestamp ( uint64_t  timestamp)

Seek to the timestamp (in us).

timestampTime in us to seek to.

Implements open3d::t::io::RGBDVideoReader.

Field Documentation


const size_t open3d::t::io::RSBagReader::DEFAULT_BUFFER_SIZE = 32

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