Open3D (C++ API)  0.17.0+f1a0f3e
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open3d::geometry::Quadric Class Reference

Public Member Functions

 Quadric ()
 Quadric (const Eigen::Vector4d &plane, double weight=1)
Quadricoperator+= (const Quadric &other)
Quadric operator+ (const Quadric &other) const
double Eval (const Eigen::Vector3d &v) const
bool IsInvertible () const
Eigen::Vector3d Minimum () const

Data Fields

Eigen::Matrix3d A_
 A_ = n . n^T, where n is the plane normal. More...
Eigen::Vector3d b_
double c_
 c_ = d . d, where d the non-normal component pf the plane parameters More...

Detailed Description

Error quadric that is used to minimize the squared distance of a point to its neigbhouring triangle planes. Cf. "Simplifying Surfaces with Color and Texture using Quadric Error Metrics" by Garland and Heckbert.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ Quadric() [1/2]

open3d::geometry::Quadric::Quadric ( )

◆ Quadric() [2/2]

open3d::geometry::Quadric::Quadric ( const Eigen::Vector4d &  plane,
double  weight = 1 

Member Function Documentation

◆ Eval()

double open3d::geometry::Quadric::Eval ( const Eigen::Vector3d &  v) const

◆ IsInvertible()

bool open3d::geometry::Quadric::IsInvertible ( ) const

◆ Minimum()

Eigen::Vector3d open3d::geometry::Quadric::Minimum ( ) const

◆ operator+()

Quadric open3d::geometry::Quadric::operator+ ( const Quadric other) const

◆ operator+=()

Quadric& open3d::geometry::Quadric::operator+= ( const Quadric other)

Field Documentation

◆ A_

Eigen::Matrix3d open3d::geometry::Quadric::A_

A_ = n . n^T, where n is the plane normal.

◆ b_

Eigen::Vector3d open3d::geometry::Quadric::b_

b_ = d . n, where n is the plane normal and d the non-normal component of the plane parameters

◆ c_

double open3d::geometry::Quadric::c_

c_ = d . d, where d the non-normal component pf the plane parameters

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