Open3D 0.8.0 is here!

Open3D Version 0.8.0 (released 2019-09-06)

The Open3D team and the Open Source Vision Foundation are excited to share with the community Open3D 0.8.0!

Starting from this release, we'll be using the open3d package name instead of open3d-python on PyPI. You can now install Open3D with:

# Pip
pip install open3d

# Conda
conda install -c open3d-admin open3d

In this release, we bring support for the brand new Azure Kinect sensor. Users can enjoy the benefits of this RGB-D sensor through the simple Python and C++ APIs provided by Open3D.

We bring in a new geometry type, the Tetrahedral Mesh, which supports Delaunay triangulation from PointCloud, isosurface extraction to TriangleMesh and visualization. We also bring in two algorithm implementations, check out Ball Pivoting and DBSCAN.

As usual, we received many contributions from the community. Thank you all for your contribution and support! We also worked extensively on fixing issues brought up by the community. Please, have a look at our documentation Open3D docs to see all the details, and send us feedback at You can also join our Discord network to participate in the development discussions.

The Open3D team



  • [Added]: Used to indicate the addition of new features
  • [Changed]: Updates of existing functionalities
  • [Deprecated]: Functionalities / features removed in future releases
  • [Removed]: Functionalities/features removed in this release
  • [Fixed]: For any bug fixes
  • [Breaking] This functionality breaks the previous API and you need to check your code

Installation and project structure

  • [Added] Make include directories in Open3DConfig.cmake relative again #1025 (Thanks pezcode!)
  • [Changed] Replace libjpeg with libjpeg-turbo #1097
  • [Deprecated] libjpeg dependency #1097
  • [Fixed] empty bdist_wheel #1012  #970 #780 #905
  • [Fixed] master build error, fix yapf==0.28.0 #1071
  • [Fixed] Warning compile flags and fixing warning #1077

CORE features and applications

  • [Added] Expose CaptureDepthPointCloud to python interface #1014 (Thanks JackLangerman)
  • [Added] FileOBJ for TriangleMesh #1021
  • [Added] Option to remove NaN points in ReadPointCloud#1022
  • [Added] FileOFF for TriangleMesh #1035 (Thanks kongsgard)
  • [Added] DBSCAN clustering algorithm #1038
  • [Added] VoxelGrid Carving #1048
  • [Added] Add flags to the write triangle mesh methods #1051 (Thanks kongsgard)
  • [Added] function is_watertight() to TriangleMesh #1053  (Thanks kongsgard)
  • [Added] Triangulation by ear clipping #1060  (Thanks kongsgard)
  • [Added] FileGLTF for TriangleMesh #1082 (Thanks kongsgard)
  • [Added] Kinect recorder #1094
  • [Added] visualization of RGBD images #1107
  • [Added] Azure Kinect support with python interface #1118
  • [Changed] TriangleMesh Filter improvements, GetBounds improvements #1010
  • [Changed] Logging/Print #1069
  • [Removed] unary_function from hash_eigen #1023
  • [Removed] remove TSDFVoxelGrid class #1079
  • [Fixed] PointCloud EstimateNormals fix #1011
  • [Fixed] Check for mesh normals before saving STL file #1041 (Thanks kongsgard)
  • [Fixed] Set z_near_ close to 0 #1080
  • [Fixed] internal texture format in RGBDImageShader #1111
  • [Fixed] Control flows and improve performance #1112


Documentation, tutorials, examples and tests

  • [Added] Documentation to build docs #1036 (Thanks RohanRathi)
  • [Added] Support multiple documentation version in #1055
  • [Changed] Update file_io.rst #1020 (Thanks kongsgard)
  • [Changed] Python and C++ docs for Camera PinholeCameraIntrinsic #1039 (Thanks RohanRathi)
  • [Changed] getting_started.rst #1113
  • [Fixed] python unit test #1031
  • [Fixed] correct typo #1088 (Thanks JackLangerman)