Open3D (C++ API)  0.18.0+90810a3
Data Fields
open3d::io::ReadTriangleMeshOptions Struct Reference

#include <TriangleMeshIO.h>

Data Fields

bool enable_post_processing = false
bool print_progress = false
std::function< bool(double)> update_progress

Field Documentation

◆ enable_post_processing

bool open3d::io::ReadTriangleMeshOptions::enable_post_processing = false

Enables post-processing on the mesh. Post-processing will

  • triangulate meshes with polygonal faces
  • remove redundant materials
  • pretransform vertices
  • generate face normals if needed

For more information see ASSIMPs documentation on the flags `aiProcessPreset_TargetRealtime_Fast, aiProcess_RemoveRedundantMaterials, aiProcess_OptimizeMeshes, aiProcess_PreTransformVertices`.

Note that identical vertices will always be joined regardless of whether post-processing is enabled or not, which changes the number of vertices in the mesh.

The ply-format is not affected by the post-processing.

◆ print_progress

bool open3d::io::ReadTriangleMeshOptions::print_progress = false

Print progress to stdout about loading progress. Also see update_progress if you want to have your own progress indicators or to be able to cancel loading.

◆ update_progress

std::function<bool(double)> open3d::io::ReadTriangleMeshOptions::update_progress

Callback to invoke as reading is progressing, parameter is percentage completion (0.-100.) return true indicates to continue loading, false means to try to stop loading and cleanup

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