Open3D (C++ API)  0.18.0+5c982c7
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open3d::io::ReadPointCloudOption Struct Reference

Optional parameters to ReadPointCloud. More...

#include <PointCloudIO.h>

Public Member Functions

 ReadPointCloudOption (std::string format="auto", bool remove_nan_points=false, bool remove_infinite_points=false, bool print_progress=false, std::function< bool(double)> update_progress={})
 ReadPointCloudOption (std::function< bool(double)> up)

Data Fields

std::string format
bool remove_nan_points
 Whether to remove all points that have nan. More...
bool remove_infinite_points
 Whether to remove all points that have +-inf. More...
bool print_progress
std::function< bool(double)> update_progress

Detailed Description

Optional parameters to ReadPointCloud.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ ReadPointCloudOption() [1/2]

open3d::io::ReadPointCloudOption::ReadPointCloudOption ( std::string  format = "auto",
bool  remove_nan_points = false,
bool  remove_infinite_points = false,
bool  print_progress = false,
std::function< bool(double)>  update_progress = {} 

◆ ReadPointCloudOption() [2/2]

open3d::io::ReadPointCloudOption::ReadPointCloudOption ( std::function< bool(double)>  up)

Field Documentation

◆ format

std::string open3d::io::ReadPointCloudOption::format

Specifies what format the contents of the file are (and what loader to use), default "auto" means to go off of file extension. Note: "auto" is incompatible when reading directly from memory.

◆ print_progress

bool open3d::io::ReadPointCloudOption::print_progress

Print progress to stdout about loading progress. Also see update_progress if you want to have your own progress indicators or to be able to cancel loading.

◆ remove_infinite_points

bool open3d::io::ReadPointCloudOption::remove_infinite_points

Whether to remove all points that have +-inf.

◆ remove_nan_points

bool open3d::io::ReadPointCloudOption::remove_nan_points

Whether to remove all points that have nan.

◆ update_progress

std::function<bool(double)> open3d::io::ReadPointCloudOption::update_progress

Callback to invoke as reading is progressing, parameter is percentage completion (0.-100.) return true indicates to continue loading, false means to try to stop loading and cleanup

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