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open3d::visualization::gui::UIImage Class Reference

#include <UIImage.h>

Data Structures

struct  DrawParams
struct  Impl

Public Types

enum class  Scaling { NONE , ANY , ASPECT }

Public Member Functions

 UIImage (const char *image_path)
 UIImage (std::shared_ptr< geometry::Image > image)
 UIImage (std::shared_ptr< t::geometry::Image > image)
 UIImage (visualization::rendering::TextureHandle texture_id, float u0=0.0f, float v0=0.0f, float u1=1.0f, float v1=1.0f)
 ~UIImage ()
void UpdateImage (std::shared_ptr< geometry::Image > image)
void UpdateImage (std::shared_ptr< t::geometry::Image > image)
void SetScaling (Scaling scaling)
Scaling GetScaling () const
Size CalcPreferredSize (const LayoutContext &context, const Widget::Constraints &constraints) const
DrawParams CalcDrawParams (visualization::rendering::Renderer &renderer, const Rect &frame) const

Member Enumeration Documentation

◆ Scaling


No scaling, fixed size.


Scales to any size and aspect ratio.

Scales to any size, but fixed aspect ratio (default)

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ UIImage() [1/4]

open3d::visualization::gui::UIImage::UIImage ( const char *  image_path)

◆ UIImage() [2/4]

open3d::visualization::gui::UIImage::UIImage ( std::shared_ptr< geometry::Image image)

◆ UIImage() [3/4]

open3d::visualization::gui::UIImage::UIImage ( std::shared_ptr< t::geometry::Image image)

◆ UIImage() [4/4]

open3d::visualization::gui::UIImage::UIImage ( visualization::rendering::TextureHandle  texture_id,
float  u0 = 0.0f,
float  v0 = 0.0f,
float  u1 = 1.0f,
float  v1 = 1.0f 

Uses an existing texture, using texture coordinates (u0, v0) to (u1, v1). Does not deallocate texture on destruction. This is useful for using an icon atlas to reduce draw calls.

◆ ~UIImage()

open3d::visualization::gui::UIImage::~UIImage ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ CalcDrawParams()

UIImage::DrawParams open3d::visualization::gui::UIImage::CalcDrawParams ( visualization::rendering::Renderer renderer,
const Rect frame 
) const

◆ CalcPreferredSize()

Size open3d::visualization::gui::UIImage::CalcPreferredSize ( const LayoutContext context,
const Widget::Constraints constraints 
) const

◆ GetScaling()

UIImage::Scaling open3d::visualization::gui::UIImage::GetScaling ( ) const

◆ SetScaling()

void open3d::visualization::gui::UIImage::SetScaling ( Scaling  scaling)

◆ UpdateImage() [1/2]

void open3d::visualization::gui::UIImage::UpdateImage ( std::shared_ptr< geometry::Image image)

Updates the contents of the texture. If the image is a different size from the original, a new texture will be created.

◆ UpdateImage() [2/2]

void open3d::visualization::gui::UIImage::UpdateImage ( std::shared_ptr< t::geometry::Image image)

Updates the contents of the texture. If the image is a different size from the original, a new texture will be created.

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