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open3d::visualization::gui::FontDescription Class Reference

#include <Font.h>

Data Structures

struct  CPRange

Public Member Functions

 FontDescription (const char *typeface, FontStyle style=FontStyle::NORMAL, int point_size=0)
void AddTypefaceForLanguage (const char *typeface, const char *lang)
void AddTypefaceForCodePoints (const char *typeface, const std::vector< uint32_t > &code_points)

Data Fields

std::vector< CPRangeranges_
FontStyle style_
int point_size_

Static Public Attributes

constexpr static const char * SANS_SERIF = "sans-serif"
constexpr static const char * MONOSPACE = "monospace"

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ FontDescription()

open3d::visualization::gui::FontDescription::FontDescription ( const char *  typeface,
FontStyle  style = FontStyle::NORMAL,
int  point_size = 0 

Creates a font description. This must be passed to Application::AddFont() before the window is created.

typefaceA path to a TrueType (.ttf), TrueType Collection (.ttc), or OpenType (.otf) file, or it is the name of the font, in which case the system font paths will be searched to find the font file. This typeface will be used for roman characters (Extended Latin, that is, European languages).
styleIgnored if typeface is a file, but will be used to qualify the font if a system font name is used. Will be applied to any additional language or code point typefaces.
point_sizeThe point size (NOT pixel size) of the font. Will be applied to any additional language or code point typefaces. A size of 0 indicates the default size.

Member Function Documentation

◆ AddTypefaceForCodePoints()

void open3d::visualization::gui::FontDescription::AddTypefaceForCodePoints ( const char *  typeface,
const std::vector< uint32_t > &  code_points 

Adds specific code points from the typeface. This is useful for selectively adding glyphs, for example, from an icon font.

◆ AddTypefaceForLanguage()

void open3d::visualization::gui::FontDescription::AddTypefaceForLanguage ( const char *  typeface,
const char *  lang 

Adds code points outside Extended Latin from the specified typeface. Supported languages are: "en" (English) [this was already added in the constructor] "ja" (Japanese) "ko" (Korean) "th" (Thai) "vi" (Vietnamese) "zh" (Chinese, 2500 most common characters, 50 MB per window) "zh_all" (Chinese, all characters, ~200 MB per window) All other languages will be assumed to be Cyrillic. Note that generally fonts do not have CJK glyphs unless they are specifically a CJK font, although operating systems generally use a CJK font for you. We do not have the information necessary to do this, so you will need to provide a font that has the glyphs you need. In particular, common fonts like "Arial", "Helvetica", and SANS_SERIF do not contain CJK glyphs.

Field Documentation


constexpr const char * open3d::visualization::gui::FontDescription::MONOSPACE = "monospace"

◆ point_size_

int open3d::visualization::gui::FontDescription::point_size_

◆ ranges_

std::vector<CPRange> open3d::visualization::gui::FontDescription::ranges_


constexpr const char * open3d::visualization::gui::FontDescription::SANS_SERIF = "sans-serif"

◆ style_

FontStyle open3d::visualization::gui::FontDescription::style_

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