Open3D (C++ API)  0.18.0+5c982c7
Public Member Functions
open3d::t::io::DepthNoiseSimulator Class Reference

#include <ImageIO.h>

Public Member Functions

 DepthNoiseSimulator (const std::string &noise_model_path)
 Constructor. More...
geometry::Image Simulate (const geometry::Image &im_src, float depth_scale=1000.0)
 Apply noise model to a depth image. More...
core::Tensor GetNoiseModel () const
 Return the noise model. More...
void EnableDeterministicDebugMode ()
 Enable deterministic debug mode. All normally distributed noise will be replaced by 0. More...

Detailed Description

Simulate depth image noise from a given noise distortion model. The distortion model is based on Teichman et. al. "Unsupervised intrinsic calibration of depth sensors via SLAM" RSS 2009. Also see Redwood dataset

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ DepthNoiseSimulator()

open3d::t::io::DepthNoiseSimulator::DepthNoiseSimulator ( const std::string &  noise_model_path)


noise_modelPath to the noise model file. See for the format. Or, you may use one of our example datasets, e.g., RedwoodIndoorLivingRoom1.

Member Function Documentation

◆ EnableDeterministicDebugMode()

void open3d::t::io::DepthNoiseSimulator::EnableDeterministicDebugMode ( )

Enable deterministic debug mode. All normally distributed noise will be replaced by 0.

◆ GetNoiseModel()

core::Tensor open3d::t::io::DepthNoiseSimulator::GetNoiseModel ( ) const

Return the noise model.

◆ Simulate()

geometry::Image open3d::t::io::DepthNoiseSimulator::Simulate ( const geometry::Image im_src,
float  depth_scale = 1000.0 

Apply noise model to a depth image.

im_srcSource depth image, must be with dtype UInt16 or Float32, channels==1.
depth_scaleScale factor to the depth image. As a sanity check, if the dtype is Float32, the depth_scale must be 1.0. If the dtype is is UInt16, the depth_scale is typically larger than 1.0, e.g. it can be 1000.0.
Noisy depth image with the same shape and dtype as im_src.

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