Open3D (C++ API)  0.18.0+5c982c7
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open3d::core::SlabNodeManagerImpl Class Reference

#include <SlabNodeManager.h>

Public Member Functions

 SlabNodeManagerImpl ()
__device__ __forceinline__ uint32_t * get_unit_ptr_from_slab (const buf_index_t &next_slab_ptr, const uint32_t &lane_id)
__device__ __forceinline__ uint32_t * get_ptr_for_bitmap (const uint32_t super_block_idx, const uint32_t bitmap_idx)
__device__ void Init (uint32_t &tid, uint32_t &lane_id)
__device__ uint32_t WarpAllocate (const uint32_t &lane_id)
__device__ void FreeUntouched (buf_index_t ptr)

Data Fields

uint32_t * super_blocks_
 A pointer to each super-block. More...
uint32_t hash_coef_
 hash_coef (register): used as (16 bits, 16 bits) for hashing. More...

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ SlabNodeManagerImpl()

open3d::core::SlabNodeManagerImpl::SlabNodeManagerImpl ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ FreeUntouched()

__device__ void open3d::core::SlabNodeManagerImpl::FreeUntouched ( buf_index_t  ptr)

◆ get_ptr_for_bitmap()

__device__ __forceinline__ uint32_t* open3d::core::SlabNodeManagerImpl::get_ptr_for_bitmap ( const uint32_t  super_block_idx,
const uint32_t  bitmap_idx 

◆ get_unit_ptr_from_slab()

__device__ __forceinline__ uint32_t* open3d::core::SlabNodeManagerImpl::get_unit_ptr_from_slab ( const buf_index_t next_slab_ptr,
const uint32_t &  lane_id 

◆ Init()

__device__ void open3d::core::SlabNodeManagerImpl::Init ( uint32_t &  tid,
uint32_t &  lane_id 

◆ WarpAllocate()

__device__ uint32_t open3d::core::SlabNodeManagerImpl::WarpAllocate ( const uint32_t &  lane_id)

Field Documentation

◆ hash_coef_

uint32_t open3d::core::SlabNodeManagerImpl::hash_coef_

hash_coef (register): used as (16 bits, 16 bits) for hashing.

◆ super_blocks_

uint32_t* open3d::core::SlabNodeManagerImpl::super_blocks_

A pointer to each super-block.

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