Open3D (C++ API)  0.18.0+c1b55ee
Data Fields
open3d::core::Slab Class Reference

#include <SlabNodeManager.h>

Data Fields

buf_index_t kv_pair_ptrs [kWarpSize - 1]
buf_index_t next_slab_ptr
 An internal ptr managed by InternalNodeManager. More...

Detailed Description

Internal Hashtable Node: (31 units and 1 next ptr) representation. A slab is kWarpSize x kWarpSize bits, or kWarpSize 32-bit uints.

Field Documentation

◆ kv_pair_ptrs

buf_index_t open3d::core::Slab::kv_pair_ptrs[kWarpSize - 1]

Each element is an internal ptr to a kv pair managed by the InternalMemoryManager. Can be converted to a real ptr.

◆ next_slab_ptr

buf_index_t open3d::core::Slab::next_slab_ptr

An internal ptr managed by InternalNodeManager.

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