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open3d::core::AdvancedIndexPreprocessor Class Reference

This class is based on PyTorch's aten/src/ATen/native/Indexing.cpp. More...

#include <AdvancedIndexing.h>

Public Member Functions

 AdvancedIndexPreprocessor (const Tensor &tensor, const std::vector< Tensor > &index_tensors)
Tensor GetTensor () const
std::vector< TensorGetIndexTensors () const
SizeVector GetOutputShape () const
SizeVector GetIndexedShape () const
SizeVector GetIndexedStrides () const

Static Public Member Functions

static bool IsIndexSplittedBySlice (const std::vector< Tensor > &index_tensors)
static std::pair< Tensor, std::vector< Tensor > > ShuffleIndexedDimsToFront (const Tensor &tensor, const std::vector< Tensor > &index_tensors)
static std::pair< std::vector< Tensor >, SizeVectorExpandToCommonShapeExceptZeroDim (const std::vector< Tensor > &index_tensors)
static Tensor RestrideTensor (const Tensor &tensor, int64_t dims_before, int64_t dims_indexed, SizeVector replacement_shape)
static Tensor RestrideIndexTensor (const Tensor &index_tensor, int64_t dims_before, int64_t dims_after)

Protected Member Functions

void RunPreprocess ()
 Preprocess tensor and index tensors. More...

Static Protected Member Functions

static std::vector< TensorExpandBoolTensors (const std::vector< Tensor > &index_tensors)
 Expand boolean tensor to integer index. More...

Protected Attributes

Tensor tensor_
std::vector< Tensorindex_tensors_
 The processed index tensors. More...
SizeVector output_shape_
 Output shape. More...
SizeVector indexed_shape_
SizeVector indexed_strides_

Detailed Description

This class is based on PyTorch's aten/src/ATen/native/Indexing.cpp.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ AdvancedIndexPreprocessor()

open3d::core::AdvancedIndexPreprocessor::AdvancedIndexPreprocessor ( const Tensor tensor,
const std::vector< Tensor > &  index_tensors 

Member Function Documentation

◆ ExpandBoolTensors()

std::vector< Tensor > open3d::core::AdvancedIndexPreprocessor::ExpandBoolTensors ( const std::vector< Tensor > &  index_tensors)

Expand boolean tensor to integer index.

◆ ExpandToCommonShapeExceptZeroDim()

std::pair< std::vector< Tensor >, SizeVector > open3d::core::AdvancedIndexPreprocessor::ExpandToCommonShapeExceptZeroDim ( const std::vector< Tensor > &  index_tensors)

Expand all tensors to the broadcasted shape, 0-dim tensors are ignored. Throws exception if the common broadcasted shape does not exist.

◆ GetIndexedShape()

SizeVector open3d::core::AdvancedIndexPreprocessor::GetIndexedShape ( ) const

◆ GetIndexedStrides()

SizeVector open3d::core::AdvancedIndexPreprocessor::GetIndexedStrides ( ) const

◆ GetIndexTensors()

std::vector<Tensor> open3d::core::AdvancedIndexPreprocessor::GetIndexTensors ( ) const

◆ GetOutputShape()

SizeVector open3d::core::AdvancedIndexPreprocessor::GetOutputShape ( ) const

◆ GetTensor()

Tensor open3d::core::AdvancedIndexPreprocessor::GetTensor ( ) const

◆ IsIndexSplittedBySlice()

bool open3d::core::AdvancedIndexPreprocessor::IsIndexSplittedBySlice ( const std::vector< Tensor > &  index_tensors)

Returns true if the indexed dimension is splitted by (full) slice. E.g. A[[1, 2], :, [1, 2]] returns true A[[1, 2], [1, 2], :] returns false

◆ RestrideIndexTensor()

Tensor open3d::core::AdvancedIndexPreprocessor::RestrideIndexTensor ( const Tensor index_tensor,
int64_t  dims_before,
int64_t  dims_after 

◆ RestrideTensor()

Tensor open3d::core::AdvancedIndexPreprocessor::RestrideTensor ( const Tensor tensor,
int64_t  dims_before,
int64_t  dims_indexed,
SizeVector  replacement_shape 

◆ RunPreprocess()

void open3d::core::AdvancedIndexPreprocessor::RunPreprocess ( )

Preprocess tensor and index tensors.

◆ ShuffleIndexedDimsToFront()

std::pair< Tensor, std::vector< Tensor > > open3d::core::AdvancedIndexPreprocessor::ShuffleIndexedDimsToFront ( const Tensor tensor,
const std::vector< Tensor > &  index_tensors 

Shuffle indexed dimensions in front of the slice dimensions for the tensor and index tensors.

Field Documentation

◆ index_tensors_

std::vector<Tensor> open3d::core::AdvancedIndexPreprocessor::index_tensors_

The processed index tensors.

◆ indexed_shape_

SizeVector open3d::core::AdvancedIndexPreprocessor::indexed_shape_

The shape of the indexed dimensions. See the docstring of RestrideTensor for details.

◆ indexed_strides_

SizeVector open3d::core::AdvancedIndexPreprocessor::indexed_strides_

The strides for indexed dimensions, in element numbers (not byte size). See the docstring of RestrideTensor for details.

◆ output_shape_

SizeVector open3d::core::AdvancedIndexPreprocessor::output_shape_

Output shape.

◆ tensor_

Tensor open3d::core::AdvancedIndexPreprocessor::tensor_

The processed tensors being indexed. The tensor still uses the same underlying memory, but it may have been reshaped and restrided.

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