Open3D (C++ API)  0.18.0+fcf98ee
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ShapeUtil.cpp File Reference

(fcf98ee (Tue Jun 18 10:12:12 2024 -0700))

#include "open3d/core/ShapeUtil.h"
#include <numeric>
#include "open3d/core/SizeVector.h"
#include "open3d/core/Tensor.h"




bool open3d::core::shape_util::IsCompatibleBroadcastShape (const SizeVector &l_shape, const SizeVector &r_shape)
 Returns true if two shapes are compatible for broadcasting. More...
SizeVector open3d::core::shape_util::BroadcastedShape (const SizeVector &l_shape, const SizeVector &r_shape)
 Returns the broadcasted shape of two shapes. More...
bool open3d::core::shape_util::CanBeBrocastedToShape (const SizeVector &src_shape, const SizeVector &dst_shape)
 Returns true if src_shape can be brocasted to dst_shape. More...
SizeVector open3d::core::shape_util::ReductionShape (const SizeVector &src_shape, const SizeVector &dims, bool keepdim)
 Returns the shape after reduction. More...
int64_t open3d::core::shape_util::WrapDim (int64_t dim, int64_t max_dim, bool inclusive=false)
 Wrap around negative dim. More...
SizeVector open3d::core::shape_util::InferShape (SizeVector shape, int64_t num_elements)
SizeVector open3d::core::shape_util::Concat (const SizeVector &l_shape, const SizeVector &r_shape)
 Concatenate two shapes. More...
SizeVector open3d::core::shape_util::Iota (int64_t n)
 Returns a SizeVector of {0, 1, ..., n - 1}, similar to std::iota. More...
SizeVector open3d::core::shape_util::DefaultStrides (const SizeVector &shape)
 Compute default strides for a shape when a tensor is contiguous. More...
std::pair< bool, SizeVector > open3d::core::shape_util::Restride (const SizeVector &old_shape, const SizeVector &old_strides, const SizeVector &new_shape)