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SYCLUtils.h File Reference

(fcf98ee (Tue Jun 18 10:12:12 2024 -0700))

Common SYCL utilities. More...

#include <vector>
#include "open3d/core/Device.h"

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int open3d::core::sycl::SYCLDemo ()
void open3d::core::sycl::PrintSYCLDevices (bool print_all)
bool open3d::core::sycl::IsAvailable ()
 Returns true if there is at least one SYCL device available. More...
bool open3d::core::sycl::IsDeviceAvailable (const Device &device)
 Returns true if the specified SYCL device is available. More...
std::vector< Device > open3d::core::sycl::GetAvailableSYCLDevices ()
 Return a list of available SYCL devices. More...

Detailed Description

Common SYCL utilities.

SYCLUtils.h and SYCLUtils.cpp should compile when BUILD_SYCL_MODULE=ON or BUILD_SYCL_MODULE=OFF. Use macros for conditional compilation.