CorrespondenceChecker Base class that checks if two (small) point clouds can be aligned.
CorrespondenceCheckerBasedOnDistance Class to check if aligned point clouds are close (less than specified threshold).
CorrespondenceCheckerBasedOnEdgeLength Check if two point clouds build the polygons with similar edge lengths.
CorrespondenceCheckerBasedOnNormal Class to check if two aligned point clouds have similar normals.
FastGlobalRegistrationOption Options for FastGlobalRegistration.
Feature Class to store featrues for registration.
GlobalOptimizationConvergenceCriteria Convergence criteria of GlobalOptimization.
GlobalOptimizationGaussNewton Global optimization with Gauss-Newton algorithm.
GlobalOptimizationLevenbergMarquardt Global optimization with Levenberg-Marquardt algorithm.
GlobalOptimizationMethod Base class for global optimization method.
GlobalOptimizationOption Option for GlobalOptimization.
ICPConvergenceCriteria Class that defines the convergence criteria of ICP.
PoseGraph Data structure defining the pose graph.
PoseGraphEdge Edge of PostGraph.
PoseGraphEdgeVector Vector of PoseGraphEdge
PoseGraphNode Node of PostGraph.
PoseGraphNodeVector Vector of PoseGraphNode
RANSACConvergenceCriteria Class that defines the convergence criteria of RANSAC.
RegistrationResult Class that contains the registration results.
TransformationEstimation Base class that estimates a transformation between two point clouds.
TransformationEstimationPointToPlane Class to estimate a transformation for point to plane distance.
TransformationEstimationPointToPoint Class to estimate a transformation for point to point distance.


compute_fpfh_feature(input, search_param) Function to compute FPFH feature for a point cloud
evaluate_registration(source, target, …[, …]) Function for evaluating registration between point clouds
get_information_matrix_from_point_clouds(…) Function for computing information matrix from transformation matrix
global_optimization(pose_graph, method, …) Function to optimize registration.PoseGraph
registration_colored_icp(source, target, …) Function for Colored ICP registration
registration_fast_based_on_feature_matching(…) Function for fast global registration based on feature matching
registration_icp(source, target, …[, …]) Function for ICP registration
registration_ransac_based_on_correspondence(…) Function for global RANSAC registration based on a set of correspondences
registration_ransac_based_on_feature_matching(…) Function for global RANSAC registration based on feature matching